Feedback Friday

 Today after collective worship our Grounds Guardians, the School Council and our Digital Leaders updated us on their work this term. 

The Grounds Guardians have been busy in Greta’s Garden sweeping paths and clearing leaves. They have also been weaving and repairing our willow structures. 

The School Council worked with Rose Davies and received training to help them carry out their roles in an effective manner.

The Digital Leaders met with a visitor from LiDW who is visiting selected schools in Wales to find out how we are using Hwb and HwbPlus. 


School Council Training

Today we received some school council training from Rose Davis and one of the young inspectors.

We played some games to get to know each other and thought about the qualities that a school council member needs to possess.

We found out about roles and responsibilities within the school council and learned some of the special vocabulary that is used in school council meetings.


New Appointments. 

Today after Collective Worship we were introduced to some of the pupil groups who are making plans for the new school year. 

We met our Maths Champions, Digital Leaders, Criw Cymraeg, Super Ambassadors and our newly formed Grounds Guardians. 

We look forward to seeing them all in action during this school year. 

Folly Farm

Today we all went to Folly Farm. 
Pupils (and staff) had a great time. 
The weather was perfect and all the pupils behaved brilliantly. 

“I saw a giraffe eating a bit of twig, he had a huge tongue”

“We went really fast on the bumper cars”

“I ate doughnuts, they were delicious”

“We were scared on the Ferris wheel, it went really high”

“My favourite thing was the Penguins, the one with the red band went zooming, really fast”