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We have moved. 

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Ric a Do

The whole school enjoyed a visit from Ric a Do.

Each class learned a traditional Welsh folk song and then performed them in front of the whole school.
Click on the links below to see a video of each class’ performance.

Dosbarth 1 http://www.j2e.com/holy-name-catholic-primary-school/Nichola+T/IMG_1638.MOV/

Dosbarth 2 http://www.j2e.com/holy-name-catholic-primary-school/Nichola+T/IMG_1639.MOV/

Dosbarth 3 http://www.j2e.com/holy-name-catholic-primary-school/Nichola+T/IMG_1640.MOV/

Dosbarth 4 http://www.j2e.com/holy-name-catholic-primary-school/Nichola+T/IMG_1641.MOV/

Dosbarth 5 http://www.j2e.com/holy-name-catholic-primary-school/Nichola+T/IMG_1647.MOV/

Eco Club Conference 

Representatives from various clubs and groups attended the 2016 Eco Club Conference today.

We enjoyed taking part in some fantastic workshops.

  • Kite making
  • Bicycle maintenance and repair
  • Bread making
  • Eco gardening
  • Upcycling clothing

We then took part in a Eco committee meeting where we all had our say on various issues and ideas that had been raised during the course of the morning.


Library Reading Challenge. 

Congratulations to the pupils who successfully completed the Library Reading Challenge. 
They had to read six books during the summer holiday. 
Nearly half of the school completed the challenge and today they were awarded their certificates in assembly. 
Special congratulations to Charlie M who was the first pupil from our school to completed the challenge

School Council Appointments

The school council have decided on their new Chairperson, Vice- Chairperson and secretaries for this school year.

Congratulations to the children who were elected by the school council and thank you to the children who put themselves forward for the role.

We were delighted to see so many of the younger children trying out for such important roles this year!

Left to right – Vice Chair, Chairperson, Joint secretaries.